Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging – So What? Keynote Address

Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging are unique areas of both challenge and opportunity for Leaders & Professionals.

In this sea change moment in our culture, there has never been a time of more need and desire to drive inclusion in the workplace and with customers. At the same time, the comfort level and sense of “safe space” to discuss these issues are at all-time lows and “Diversity Fatigue” has many in large organizations shrugging their arms and looking to the Diversity team to solve their inclusion challenges.

In this fun and interactive keynote specifically designed for executives, leaders and professionals, explore how leading with an inclusive mindset can help you truly meet your workforce where it is at and drive your business’ diversity strategy.


Transform your B/ERGs from clubs to groups of dedicated employees driving business impact!

Imagine an environment where your business leaders are clamoring to hear from diverse workers on how to solve some of their toughest problems vs begrudgingly participating in programs because they are “supposed to.” Be a place where you see inclusion and diversity as not just the right thing to do, but also a business imperative. Transform your Employee Resource Groups from a “college club” mindset to an inclusive, business-focused group in service of your goals and develop executive champions that can guide and advocate for groups while learning themselves.

Workshops & Strategic Work Sessions:

Think Like a CEO! Workshop

This Bootcamp aligns BERG leaders to your business’ imperatives through effective goals, roles, and process. Identify the unique cross-cultural needs of your workforce. Use an executive toolkit to define a compelling vision, strategy and action plan that sets a mindset for your team to drive the results the C-suite is looking for.

1 or 2-Day Workshop + Coaching


BERG Leadership LAB: Learn. Act. Build.

Develop current and future BERG Leaders with foundational leadership skills to both effectively run their BERGs as well as drive growth in their job roles. This unique, blended learning program focuses on Leading Yourself, Leading the BERG, and Leading Others customized and tailored to your organization’s culture.

Multiweek Program


BERG Strategic Summit

Unite your BERGs to drive your future! In this custom conference, bring your leaders and members together from across BERGs to create business impact. Accelerate networking, build leadership & professional skills, provide a platform for exposure, and create annual action plans aligned to your company’s goals and key initiatives.

1 to 2-Day Conference + Consulting


BERG Strategic Branding Lab

The world loves brands. How can your BERGs create their own unique brands that work to meet your business goals and drive engagement? This interactive workshop lab uses a brand marketer’s toolkit to build winning brands for your BERGs and key Inclusion & Diversity initiatives.

1-Day Workshop


BERG Professional Development Series

Your BERGs are a key part of your talent strategy. Provide ongoing professional development with a series of workshops designed to accelerate career knowledge and skills including Owning Your Career, Building Your Brand, Building Your Network, Pitching Perfectly, and more. Available in-person or virtually.

60-120 minute Workshops


LGBT at Work 101

Advocate for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender employees by understanding the history of this unique community in the workplace. Learn about the broad diversity of the community in terms of sexual orientation and gender identity including appropriate and inclusive language. Identify actions everyone can take to ensure an out and equal work environment where all people can feel valued and respected.

2 or 4-hour Workshop