Inclusion & Diversity

When hiring isn't enough.

Today, you can be so focused on recruiting and hiring a diverse workforce that you often forget about helping people once they are in the door. The reality is that an employee’s day one is just the beginning of your journey to engage diverse talent as loyal ambassadors and drivers of your business’ goals. After you’ve put so much time, energy and resource into recruitment, can you really afford to have talent walk in excited only to find that they are “the only one” or feel they don’t quite belong on the team they are working with?

Jayzen can grow your inclusion and diversity initiatives with a focus on manager education; building and growing Employee Resource Groups (ERGs); and implementing high-potential programs that create a system for moving diverse talent throughout your organization.

It can be easy to just look at diversity stats in terms or hiring and workforce demographics. The reality is those numbers in and of themselves don’t drive business results. Rather, a culture of inclusion where everyone feels they can bring their ideas and talents to the table and where diverse viewpoints, backgrounds, and beliefs are leveraged to drive performance does. This goes beyond women and people of color – are you focused on veterans, LGBT, people with disabilities, persons from differing generations, and even the diverse regions where your talent comes from? And are you falling into a pitfall where those not considered diverse – straight, white males – feel alienated and excluded from the process? Uniting and including everyone in what matters to your business – attracting, retaining, and developing the best talent and creating best-in-class products and services – is the key to any Inclusion & Diversity strategy.

Jayzen can help you transform your Employee Resource Groups from a “college club” mindset to an inclusive, business-focused group in service of your goals and develop executive champions that can guide and advocate for groups while learning themselves. He will help you explore how you can create or tailor current high potential programs to help participants feel a sense of belonging and accelerate the growth of underrepresented talent in key areas of your business. Identify how key metrics including your employee or culture survey can serve as key indicators of success for an inclusive work environment that you can measure and manage.

Imagine an environment where your business leaders are clamoring to hear from diverse workers on how to solve some of their toughest problems vs begrudgingly participating in programs because they are “supposed to.” Be a place where you see inclusion and diversity as not just the right thing to do, but also a business imperative.

Jayzen can help you transform your Employee Resource Groups from a “college club” mindset to an inclusive, business-focused group in service of your goals – attracting, retaining, and developing the best talent AND creating and marketing your best-in-class products and services to customers.