Why Choose Jayzen?

So, you want to transform your culture.

Fun, Entertaining & Memorable: Jayzen is not just a speaker, he is an expert storyteller, showman, and showstopper with roots as a performer. He has dazzled audiences all over the world with his unique brand of energy and humor. Audiences typically rate him as the best speaker or program at an event saying, “I wanted more time with Jayzen,” and “that was life changing!” He is frequently called upon by business executives specifically to ensure a high level of energy exists in a program.

Jayzen “Gets” Tech, Media, and Creative People: Tired of speakers who don’t get your business and people? With over 25 years of experience working in Hollywood with the world’s top tech, entertainment, and media brands, Jayzen understands what makes your people tick. In fact, he has coached and developed thousands of leaders in creative industries to get to the next level of their career.

Connecting the Dots: Jayzen is a super connector. During a program, he connects people with their passion, so they are motivated to be in the driver seat. He connects your audience to each other in a way that drives relationship and understanding to the next level. He connects your people with your mission, values, and strategy so they walk away understanding it heart and mind. People will walk out feeling much more deeply connected to your bigger picture.

Jayzen Speaks Your Speak: If you are looking for a dry, boring, academic or corporate speaker, look somewhere else. Jayzen speaks plain English and the language of your business. Having worked in a variety of unique environments from newsrooms and theatrical backstage to idea and tech farms, Jayzen has the unique talent to share stories, examples and language that make concepts hit home for your people. Ahead of each program, he will work with you to ensure common words, phrases and nomenclature are used that will draw your audience into the program feeling it was specifically created for them.

Tailored Content & Customized Programs: Jayzen works with you to ensure nothing is ever “off-the-shelf.” Rather, you’ll identify key outcomes and he will design and tailor the program to meet your needs. Often, clients utilize his programs to be part of larger company learning initiatives taking existing programs to the next level. Jayzen works with you and your team to ensure connective tissue between his content and what they have already learned and can build tools to ensure stickiness back in the workplace.

Jayzen Talks WITH your Audience, NOT AT Them! Are you tired of talking heads? Jayzen is a master at facilitating artful conversations with audiences where everyone is involved. He works in the moment to weave participant’s ideas, comments and thoughts into presentation and is adaptable to problem solve with the audience in the moment to get them past hurdles and into action.

Amplified Messages on Social Media: Jayzen documents his work and life on social media including twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. He will actively help promote your event and/or initiative through his social handles, drive the audience to post leveraging your unique hashtags and handles during the event, and amplify your message via likes and reposts of your content and that of the audience.